Wednesday, 22 March 2017


There comes a time in each and everyone's lives where you will be rejected. It doesn't mean that you are pointless or your life is pointless.. it actually means that you are being prepared to be launched into the world.

I believe in God. I believe in his power, I believe once you accept him into your life, so many things change.
God doesn't do anything by accident; if you find yourself in a place where you are rejected, where no one even knows of your existence-- don't be dismayed at all, it just means that God is hiding you for a time before he brings you back out into the world.

This time of hiding is a preparation time-- a time to be groomed, broken, moulded back up, built-- everything.. but it is all for your GOOD.

You may be feeling at this time, 'Oh why is all of this happening to me' or 'Why is no one around to help me' don't even be worried... this is all happening because God has placed you in a place where no one is meant to see this time of transformation-- when God has finished with you, no one will be able to stop you.

It is a strategy! No one looks at the people who are 'nothing', but it's those same people that when you turn around another day, it is the people that you will need to help you! Never look down upon anyone, you never know who you will encounter in this life.

Be encouraged that you are in your process towards greatness. You may be rejected today; but at the time God reveals you, you will be accepted.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Living with an infant: Toys and Development

I recently bought my son a 'playnest' (pic below) and I can really see he is developing and becoming more and more interactive-- it is truly a beautiful thing to see. Something that took 9 months to create inside of you is now growing, developing, responding and playing.

God is good.
The purpose to why I bought the playnest as because as well as my son really liking colours-- they need to start feeling and touching different things and learning by exploring it for themselves. The Playnest is good for sensory development and cognitive development as it has a range of animals-- a zebra with a very soft and furry nose, a lion that makes a very crinkly noise, a parrot with a squeaky beak, and monkey with crinkly arms, and a sunshine with little ribbons that they can feel and stroke. It gets them busy using their hands and differentiating between colours and different textures. The funniest part of this playnest is that when I put my son in it, he lounges back instead of sitting up-- it's like a little chill spot for him. lol

But he's getting really busy in it nowadays, using his little hands to pull on the monkey arms and to touch the crinkly lion-- it's nice to watch.

But I can see that now he will need a wide range of toys because he is a very active baby-- always moving and wanting to touch things-- but it's all part of the curiosity of children.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Flash Fiction Friday-- Quiet

Staring outside to the emerging sunrise; my son is sleeping, looking so peaceful, his chest rising and falling. His eyes closed and his long eyelashes looking like mini bridges across his eyelids..

Mentally planning the day ahead-- listening to the low sounds of the voices on the radio, staring at the ceiling with the cobweb that seems to be getting longer everyday...

I hear the beginnings of crying from my son's crib.

The day has now begun.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Comfort zone

A couple of blogs back I spoke about Elevation.... but there's something we need to truly understand about the comfort zone.

Being comfortable is when you're in a place where you are familiar with everything. You know what's going on, you know where everything is, you have been there for so long and everything is second nature to you.

But this place of comfort can be your worst enemy-- you can be stuck in this zone for years and before you realize years have passed and you haven't done anything with your life. Then regret and bitterness sets in... and you begin to become jealous of the people around you, when really all you can really blame is yourself for not taking the risk.

It's very easy to stay in a place where you are comfortable-- why would you want to leave? But you need to know that in order to reach the place you are destined to be, you must take a risk and come out!
The journey towards your destination begins when you are uncomfortable. Do you know why? Because what happens in a place where you are uncomfortable; you discover things about yourself that you didn't know you were able to do or you didn't have so much knowledge about. The reason why this happens is because you are more alert to things around you because you are in an unfamiliar setting.
When you're in an unfamiliar place you're on edge because you don't know what to expect-- but this is the place you are meant to be because you can see your true potential.
Familiarity can delay your progress because when you know everything you don't see the importance or significance of that thing again-- and your eyes become closed. This is where you miss a lot of vital things for yourself and for where it could possibly take you in the long run.

We must be constantly moving and progressing because time is not waiting for anyone in this life! Take a risk today and do something that you've never done before-- you must fulfil what you were brought in this life to do!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017


You have a purpose to fulfil. Yes, you.

Have you ever just thought one day that there is more to this life than waking up, going to work, going home and going to sleep and then doing the exact same thing the next day?

There IS more to life than just that-- but are you ready to walk down that path? The path that will have dark twist and turns; the path that may seem like you will never see the light? The path that will test your faith and your patience?

It is awaiting for you.

As long as you are alive to see a new day, there is something God needs you to do. He has something great for you to do on this earth.

Do you believe it?

Best believe because you have not entered this world by accident.
You have a specific purpose.

You have been created to impact the world you are living in. There is a gift, a talent, a skill.. Whatever you want to label it as; that God has instilled a very unique skill for your life to fulfil the purpose that he has written for your life.

Everyone's path in life is different, so there is no need to compare yourself to the person next to you. What they need to do is completely and utterly far from what you are doing so you don't need to compete. My spiritual father Rev Dr Abbeam Ampomah Danso says "I don't compete because I am complete"

Your purpose has been tailored for your life-- all you need to do is walk in it and believe.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Living with an infant: 5 months and weaning

Lawd Jesus in heaven... I'm weaning my child! Where has the time gone Lord?!

In the space of one week so much has changed-- I personally haven't completely stopped my boy of the breast-- but it has now only been limited to the evening/leading to bedtime. What i'm doing is slowly introducing semi solid foods into his diet... so for example yesterday he tried pureed carrots-- from the Ella's Kitchen range.

He liked it-- it's so funny to see their faces when they're introduced to something new-- the face of disgust, astonishment, and then the last emotion is 'oooh, this is really nice actually' and then sometimes.. you get a mouth full of saliva and pureed food. Lovely!

But there's two types of weaning methods that I have come to realise: the general weaning method where you introduce semi solid foods, and they adjust to different tastes and textures... and then there's baby led weaning, where you skip the semi solids completely and go straight to the solid foods, carrots, etc, finger foods that they can hold and also get used to different textures.

When to start weaning is when you can see that your baby has taken interest in your food, they're looking at it with such focus, they're reaching out for it etc.

But obviously you don't start giving them big heaps of semi solids, you start small and progress because it is something brand new to them-- all they are used to is breast milk or formula lol

Once you can see they are finishing the small portion you give them, gradually increase until they finish everything-- the most important thing about weaning is patience. Some babies may not immediately take heed to new tastes, so you have to keep trying at least 3 or 4 times so they get used to the taste.

The most important thing about weaning is to start them with veggies and wholesome foods-- (baby rice, porridge..) because as much as it may not seem like much, you are actually setting their food habits from now. If you give them too much sweet stuff, all they will want to taste is sweet stuff and it will be harder to introduce veggies and the foods that are good for them- it won't be impossible, it will just be more difficult.

I just can't believe how fast time is flying....

God is good though. x

Friday, 10 March 2017

The baby that cried itself to sleep

I had to pause flash fiction friday because this is something I must write down and I must articulate clearly.

Why do people judge almost instantly when they see something that they don't agree with?
On Wednesday evening I was on the bus making my way back home..

My son was crying in the buggy. The cry was continuous. To the point where he began to squeal and wail.

Before it got to that point mind you, I checked on him. He had been fed, cleaned and burped before I left where I was to get on the bus.

I checked something because my son is very much used to being carried and has developed an attachment to me which I am actively trying to break. Before I even move on.. Babies will of course form an attachment to their mothers.. But it's when they become overly attached and want you to hold them all the time is when it becomes a problem. So continuing the story... I slowly took off the plastic cover and pushed down the hood of the buggy and veered close to him as if I'm coming to pick him up.

He stopped crying instantly.

It's something he does at home as well. So what I do is leave him to cry it out.
The amount of dirty looks I received on the bus was ridiculous. I actually had a man approach me and tell me that my child is crying and that I should pick him up. If I gave in to to the pressure, I would have done so. But I won't do that because people have so much to say when they don't understand a damn thing.

I got on two buses and on both buses I checked him and he kept doing the same thing.
Eventually my son fell asleep.

I'm a new mom yes, but there is something that has been instilled in me before my son was even born and that is intuition. 

Before my son was born I went through a week of being in hospital and so much was declared about what was happening to me. 

But yet my son came healthy and happy.
How dare you tell me what to do with my own child. Do you live with me? Do you know how my child is on a day to day basis? 

No. You do not. So how do you feel you have a say in how I should heed to my child?
Yes you probably can't stand the crying, but I know why I am doing what I'm doing.

Plus, he's only 5 months old, unless I really do need to take him out I will, but there if there is no dire need, I won't.

If he was crying because he was hungry, and I had to whip my breast out, again I would still get funny looks so either way I can't win!

A lot of people disagree with the whole 'letting babies cry it out' but at the end of the day wasn't there a time that this method was actively being done?

I refuse for my child to be attached to my hip-- he will be a child that can be independent and that will also allow me to still get things done in the house.

When your child is overly attached to you.. It's very difficult; anyone you give him or her to, the child will cry for you and want you to hold them all the time-- and then what can you do?

Of course babies will have an attachment to their mothers, of course, but it shouldn't be so much that you can't even leave the room, get food, or even go to the toilet without him or her wailing until you get back.

So to all of the people that had something to say either out loud or in their minds and gave odd looks-- you don't live with me, you don't know my son. I have to even pose the question, do you even have children to understand where I'm coming from?

At the end of the day, I'm his mother and he is my son. End of.
When you have your own child you will understand for yourself.

Don't judge me, judge yourself.