Wednesday, 1 November 2017

I am a mother of a 1 year old

Glory to God.. my son turned 1 on the 15th of October.

Before you even go there.... I know it's been a very very vehrrryyy long time since I've posted anything on here.
It's not easy being a mother.. I tell you. Now at the slightest movement of my son.. I'm up-- I'm now going to bed a lot earlier than I used to, and the balance of nightly routines and getting up super early in the morning for work has its effects.

Plus.. I haven't really felt the need to write anything; but I've had a lot of experiences to write about which I will do at the right time.

Jeremiah is walking-- new sense of independence-- he really enjoyed his birthday and had a cake all to himself-- I just can't believe he's 1--- where did the time go?

He's no longer a baby anymore.. he is a toddler. Lawd.

One thing I will address is... as a parent you really need to keep an eye on what your child picks up, habits, etc-- I've completely stopped breastfeeding now-- but in that Jeremiah obtained a bad habit-- waking up at 1am and 5am for a bottle of milk-- which he DIDN'T need.
It was the fact when he woke up he would get something, so he would always wake up at those times.

I had to nip it in the bud quick-- so the week before I went back to work, it was 'operation sleep through the night' and in just a week he adjusted. It was tough for the first three days, he cried for almost two hours the first night-- I've been hit and scratched in the face...

But yeah. He now sleeps through the majority of the night-- he tends to winge a bit around 4:30.. but he doesn't wake up and that's where I've gotten.
All I do now is before he goes to bed, I make sure his belly is full.. and it work like a charm.

But yes.. I have a lot more to write about... soon!

Monday, 15 May 2017

7 months, behaviour and going back to work

My boy is currently 7 months and 2 weeks and I have been learning A LOT.

As a mother, you learn every single day about your child and what to do-- I've noticed something that my son does that is also a development milestone-- he knows that when he cries or he does something that will draw my attention, my attention will be on him.
Example-- he has learned how to get up from his car seat to the point where he has tipped out of it (He didn't hurt himself, don't worry) but because a couple of months back, I would always pick him up as soon as he cries, so he got used to that-- and when I caught on, I stopped.

I looked this up on google (Honestly, google becomes your best friend) and this can be called 'manipulative' behaviour; Manipulative according to is 'exercising unscrupulous control or influence over a person or situation.'

Babies are learning new things, so without even knowing it, they are doing this. We take for granted how smart they actually are-- children are very perceptive and are very observant.

Now, before you look at what I'm saying in disgust, I'm not saying my son is manipulating me, but he is doing it unknowingly because he's learning the ways of the world. Just how children learn how to throw things and drop them-- they want to know what happens when they do so. So just like this, if your child falls down and cries, and every time he does that, you come running to his rescue-- that is what he will believe and grow with that perception.

The reason why certain children become clingy, or bossy or whatever is based on their childhood and what you allow them to do. But it's our job as parents to be their guardians and to steer them when they are going off track so they don't spoil.

If this happened to you-- your child has been doing this thing where if they cry you pick them up, if they do something for your attention and you give it to them, as they grow in life and they see that doesn't always happen, it will mess them up-- but if you let them know from now, that things will not be like that all the time, things don't happen when you want them-- they will have a healthy perception of life and will not be disappointed when it comes to that.

I'm going back to work in a couple of weeks and I have mixed feelings. I NEED to go back to work financially wise, and it will be good for my boy to get used to not seeing me and to break off the attachment to me-- I ecen sense a hint of separation anxiety already-- because I test him by going out without him for a little while and each time I go out he cries until I get back.

Ideally I would have loved to have gone the whole year on maternity, but reality has kicked in and it would be beneficial for the both of us.

I just can't believe how fast time is flying.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Gummee Glove: Review

When my boy's teeth started cutting through, I had to rush and get some type of teething toy to soothe the pain that he was experiencing. Upon my purchase, I stumbled upon this (pic below)
Called the 'Gummee Glove'; what attracted me to it as the colours and the fact that it has so many parts for the child to chew on, and the fact that they can WEAR it. 
Especially with my boy, he can hold things very well, but he likes to throw things too so at least with this, I can secure it on his hand and he can chew away. The glove makes a crinkly sound like a plastic bag and my boy seems so fascinated with that sound, so even better.

It even comes with its own little travel bag for hygiene purposes-- how much better can you go?

And most of all, my boy likes it. So, can't go wrong! His two teeth are fully out now, but obviously there's more to go!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

When you're down...

We all have our down, not so good, don't want to talk to anybody, wanna be quiet, anti social, just want to stay in bed kind of moods.. and that is perfectly ok.

The only difference is to not stay down. Life comes with a lot of disappointments, setbacks, regrets and doubts, but to put a positive spin on it, it means you are preparing to be lifted up.

There are so many reasons to feel down in the life we live in, but you need to believe that everything happens for a reason. I am a living testimony to that statement. There are so many things that I have sat down and contemplated about and wondered what was the point of this happening and meeting this person-- but after everything passed and I could see clearly, I realised that it all helped to where I am now.

We will never see why something is happening right at the start, but with time and a little bit of patience, you will see it actually adds to who you are.

Don't be discouraged if at this time you're feeling down and wondering what is next in life-- it's part of the process towards becoming great. Before you get to the top, you start from the bottom-- when you fall down, you get back up.

The point is, when you are down, the only way is up. The time to get up is all based on you.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Ella's Kitchen: Review

I've been actively weaning Jeremiah for a month now-- and I've been mainly using the Ella's Kitchen range to do it.
There are a wide array of flavors to try and I absolutely love them.

Above is literally only about 20 percent of what is available to try. The Ella's Kitchen range is perfect to try for your child from 4 months. 
But only attempt to start your child on these foods when you see that they are ready for weaning. What I mean is, you can see that when you're eating your food they look interested in what you are eating and they are going as far as opening their mouths when you offer your food to them.

But yeah, it starts from 4 months onwards-- and there are pouches that look like this for 4 month old babies:
and they usually only come as singular flavours such as mangoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, pears, peas, carrots, and then if you want your child to get a taste of a mixture of flavours, again from 4 months, there are pouches like these:

(Jeremiah really likes this flavour) and as you can see there's a little label with 'super smooth' on it; at 4 months especially, when introducing semi solid food, this is the best option to try because for them it's a completely new experience for them, they're not used to textures, so for the food to be super smooth, it's quite liquid like, so it will be easy for them to eat.
Once you can see that they've mastered the super smooth texture, you can move them onto this kind of Ella's Kitchen pouch:

It usually starts from 6 months, but it's now 'Smooth and creamy' so these particular pouches are a little thicker than the super smooth pouches; but every baby is different, Jeremiah started eating this at 5 months; but you as the parent will be able to tell when your child is ready to move to the next level.

There are more pouches from 7 months which I can't review at the moment because I have yet to try them! But the Ella's Kitchen range is very good, and the flavours are very favourable, lots of fruits, lots of veggie selections-- it's actually inspiring me to do my own recipes!

The FULL Ella's Kitchen range is available in your local Tesco(not express, the larger ones) or Waitrose. And sometimes they run a deal where you can buy 7 for the price of 6.. so you basically get one pouch free.

But yes, give it a go and see how you get on! There are so many ranges of baby's food but Ella's Kitchen caught my interest.

Happy Weaning! x

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


In each and everyone's lives... there is a time where you are meant to be silent.

Ecclesiastes 3:7
"A time to be silent and a time to speak."

When this particular time comes, it doesn't mean that you have to be absolutely mute and even when someone says 'hello' you don't pay attention to them-- no, lets not take it that far.. but what I mean is, there is a time where you are just meant to take in your surroundings and listen. We all like to talk and we all like to share our views and opinions; but sometimes it's good to listen and to understand the people around us; and to take time and understand our own selves.

It sounds a little funny to hear, but a lot of us do not know who we are, what we are capable of, or what our purpose is to why we are here.

Silence can also be considered a weapon; you don't need to shout or use profane words. Just be quiet.
You never know, something that you said years ago could be used against you-- but if you were silent, then no one would have anything to stand on and say 'Oh but that time, she said this...'

When you are silent, you see a lot more that is happening around you, and things begin to make sense; you understand why particular things have been happening to you; you begin to understand why you have been feeling a particular way-- and most importantly you gain a better understanding of yourself, because in this time of silence, you can reflect.
When was the last time you just sat quietly at home and reflected on your life, your goals and your aims?

You must set a time at least once a week and do this because it makes all of the difference-- we make time for people, but what about yourself? You are the most important person-- and this is not being selfish; you must take care of yourself from the inside out.

Always make a time and just be silent. You will be surprised at how much you hear.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Living with a newborn: Teething

My boy's teeth are coming through!

He's been teething for a little while, and I didn't really realize until a couple of weeks ago and saw little white stubs on his bottom gums!

Now I'm really seeing the effects of teething-- the drool seems to have quadrupled over the space of a couple of days-- he lost his appetite just yesterday and didn't really eat much... he was crying A LOT... even as he's falling asleep.. he's crying. Whenever I give him his little teething toy, he's chomping and biting on it like no tomorrow.

My little strong man-- he's doing so well-- every day I'm seeing more of his two teeth it's so cute!

One thing I'm noticing is that he wants to sleep a lot more than usual which I guess is part of it as well-- am I a bad parent? I don't really want to give him paracetamol, but rather I want him to ride out the pain-- he's been handling it so well this long; I put his teething toy in the fridge for it to be a little cool against his gums, and that tends to do the trick.
I want to try to only give him medicine when he really needs it, (Temperature, when he has his injections etc) is that a little harsh?

I really don't like seeing my boy like this.. I had to spoil him with cuddles and kisses yesterday because he was so miserable!
But I read up on teething and it's usually only the first two teeth that are the worst-- and when the others come through it's not as bad.
But.. I'll guess I will have to see that for myself!

Another milestone-- so many more to meet! Exciting stuff.